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Sonia Beckwith is an artist and 2d animator based in Toronto. She creates playful, tactile characters and worlds using a combination of digital and traditional animation techniques. She graduated with a BFA from OCAD University, with a minor in creative writing. She has directed music videos for artists such as Bernice (Arts and Crafts), Kevin Hearn (True North) and Luka Kuplowsky (To be released, 2020). Her work has been shown in festivals such as the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2019, The Panama Animation Festival in 2019, The Insomniac Film Festival at Toronto in 2017 and 2019, The Toronto Animated Image Society Film Festival in 2017 & 2019, and several others. 

St. Lucia - "... [A] sparse and stunning animated video. Forms move nonlinearly, with compromised gravity; they’re from another dimension, but one you’ve visited in a dream—undeniably fantastical, yet undeniably human." - Amileah Sutliff (

Interview with Insomniac Film Festival



Creative Work Experience

OCAD University (BFA)

BFA in Digital Painting/Animation witha minor in creative writing



- Full Adobe suiteincluding Animate (Flash), Photoshop and After Effects

- 2D animation(Character, VFX, motion graphics)

- Storyboard /Layout Design

- Post Production /video editing in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro

- Color Correction

- Compositing

Professional Experience

Jam Filled Entertainment

2D Animator, Bubble Guppies (Nick Jr.) and The Casagrandes (Nickelodeon)

May 2019-Present

True North Records (Contract)

Director and animator, music video for KevinHearn’s: The Silent Collapse (to be released)


The Centre for Social Innovation (Contract)

Graphic designer, logo design


OCAD University

Student Animation Mentor, Centre for EmergingArtists and Designers.

Sep 2018-Present

Arts and Crafts Records (Contract)

Director and animator, music video for Bernice’s: SaintLucia


Blame your Brother Animation Studio

Animation Intern: Character design, flash animation

2016 - 2017

OCAD University

IT Classroom Assistant

Sep 2018-Present

OCAD University

Student Advisor, ITCG Steering Committee


The Drake AV - Video Art Summer Residency

Director/animator of 5 short experimental videosfor the Drake Hotel

June-Sep 2017

OCAD University

AV/IT Student Monitor


Exhibitions / Screenings


  • Insomniac Film Festival. The Bathers  July 2018. The Royal Theatre, Toronto
  • Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) Showcase. The Bathers Royal Theater, Toronto


  • Insomniac Film Festival. Wet.  5:00.  July 2018. The Royal Theatre, Toronto
  • Expedition: Elsewhere - Curated by Philip Ocampo and Amanda Low. Tween Place. April 2018,  Xpace Cultural Centre, Toronto
  • Long Winter. Pillow Party. March 2018. Tranzac Club, Toronto


  • Drake AV / Video Art Residency. Dirty, Wet, Hot, Air. June - September, 2017. Toronto
  • DRAKE AV Programme Launch + Video Art Party. Dirty, Wet, Hot. video installation. 15:37. September 13, 2017. The Drake Hotel, Toronto
  • Insomniac Film Festival. St. Lucia. 4:05. August 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto
  • Local Exposure Animation Festival by Toronto Animated Image Society (TAIS) St. Lucia. 4:05. April 28, 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto
  • Augmented Cinema Film Festival. St. Lucia. May 5 2017. Royal Theater, Toronto


  • OCAD University. Pillow Party - January 2016. Toronto
  • Breaking Medium - OCAD University Ada Slaight Gallery. Chromakey Pink. February 2016. Toronto
  • Festival of the Body - OCAD University. Content Aware / Body Aware. February 2016. Toronto


Augmented Cinema Film Festival. The Lion At Home. 1:18. May, 2014. The Royal Theatre, Toronto 

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